Rügen / 54°38’41.4″N 13°19’35.4″E

For 60 years the Baltic Sea has been the holiday home of the German East, after companies built facilities and campsites on Rügen in the GDR era to send their employees and their families on vacation. The makers of the exhibition BABY SHARKS live on this tradition. Paintings, photos, graphics and installations by 30 artists are exhibited on three four by forty meter reinforced concrete walls, which are characteristic of the rural areas of the former GDR and are also reminiscent of the German-German border walls. BABY SHARKS thus connects to exhibitions in public spaces as well as to the off-site exhibitions outside the White Cube.
The project was organized and initiated by the curator Sophia Pietryga and the artists Ronny Szillo, Marie Athenstaedt, Maximilian Kirmse and Andy Kania.

works by:

Marie Athenstaedt, Paul Bowler, Carina Brandes, Daniel Czock, Stephanie Dost, Jens Einhorn, Nima Emami, Fid. Fischer, Tony Franz, Wilhelm Frederking, Mylasher, Janes Haid-Schmallenberg, Markus Heller, Andy Kania, Stephen Kent, Maximilian Kirmse, Wilhelm Klotzek, Walther Le Kon, Myriam Mayer, Olga Monina, Anna Nero, Jirka Pfahl, Henrike Pilz, Guido Reddersen, Konstantin Rosenkranz, Josefine Schulz, Jana Slaby, Ronny Szillo, Markus Uhr

Photocredit: Walther Le Kon

Jana Slaby
Marie Athenstaedt
Stephen Kent
Ronny Szillo
Andy Kania
Maximilian Kirmse
Konstantin Rosenkranz
Olga Monina
Daniel Czock
Anna Nero
Paul Bowler
Markus Uhr
Carina Brandes
Nima Emami
Markus Heller
Wilhelm Klotzek
Josephine Schulz
Fid. Fischer
Guido Reddersen
Myriam Mayer
Wilhelm Frederking
Walther Le Kon
Jens Einhorn
Stephanie Dost
Janes Hain Schmallenberg
Jirka Pfahl
Henrike Pilz
Tony Franz
outside the white cube